The Fam

David Archibald

Dentist extraordinaire. Sailboat racer. Ace of cakes.  Town administrator. Lover of peaches and mangoes and bits of rope.

Hunter Archibald

Young doctor, married to soulmate and fellow young doctor Laura Kooistra. Sensitive but sporty bro. Used to own a hedgehog.

Cam Archibald

Organizer since birth. Gorgeous.  Event planner. Can pull off a party for 500 with both hands tied behind her back. Like her mother, understands the importance of cake.

Tess Archibald

Our tiny Cribs.  Youngest of the fam, but all grown up now.  Horse girl, globetrotter, aspiring European supermodel.  Used to spend a lot of time with mice and rats.

Molly Harrington

Molly grrrl.  Unofficial member of the fam and best friend.  Speaker of German.  Amazing smile.  Brunette but fits right in with the blondies.

The Midwestern in-laws

Recently-acquired family.  All totally awesome


AKA Meatloaf.  Problematic at the vets.  Savage but strangely sweet.  Favorite food:  plastic bags.  Has ironically embarked on new career as emotional support animal.


Failed presidential candidate.  Newspaper columnist.  Professional nemesis to Eloise.  Opinionated.


Sweet and elegant.  A true gentleman.  Big on carrots.  Retired to a lovely farm in NH, living large with a group of lady horses.